During the practice of management consultancy we have conducted several In-house training programmes for our clients.

A list of training programmes is mentioned below:

Training Prog. Nos.
42 Strategies to Create Sustainable Shareholder Value
41 Management Giants
40 Strategies to Beat MNC's
39 Super Ideas in Management
38 Networking for Success
37 Managing Ambiguous Threats
36 Strategically Managing Low Cost Rivals
35 How to Spot Future Star Performers - At Middle Management Level

Strategic Growth From Your Core An Insurance In Turbulent Time

33 Business War-fighting
32 An Outstanding Turn Around A Case Study
31 Learning From Titans
30   How To Lose Your Star Performer Of-course Without Losing Customers
29   Exceptional Performance Through Exceptional Leadership
28   Build Your Own Life Brand
27   Competing For Future
26   Competitive Advantage
25   Strategic Selling
24   Marketing Management
23   Visibility
22   Short Term Planning v/s Long Term Planning
21   Competitive Advantage Strategies
20   Mission Statement formulation
19   Stay Ahead Of Your Competition
18   Knowledge Recognising And Achieving
17   Team Building
16   Man-Management Skills
15   Top Managerial Effectiveness
14   Great Ideas In Management
13   Key Ideas In Human Resource Management
12   Achieving Managerial Excellence
11   Managerial Grid
10   Basic Managerial Skill
9   Listening Skills
8   Communication Skills - Verbal
7   Time Management
6   Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!
5   Business Manners
4   Acquiring Outstanding Negotiation Skills
3   What It Takes To Be Successful?
2   How To Read Faster?
1   How To Become A Sharp Observer?

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